Lea Maleh is a French-Lebanese designer, currently based in Paris. Her collections aim to reunite art and design by playing with notions of scale, from monumental art pieces to jewellery design and lifestyle objects.
Her first collection AMN is a series of sculptures, art jewellery and objects that addresses the theme of human spirituality by going beyond religious boundaries. To realize the initial sculptures, Lea Maleh was inspired by liturgical objects which she denuded of all religious symbolism and sublimated by the use of white color and the multiplication of circles. This series also introduces the concept of craft 2.0 by highlighting the mastery of manual work that completes the role of the machine.

During her exhibitions, Léa was struck by the influence that the environment could have on the reading of a work. She asks herself about how the artwork could continue to live outside the framework of the exhibition. It is this questioning that was at the origin of the jewellery and objects collection, a desire to create a new relationship with art from a motionless artwork and give it an infinite dimension. Thus by wearing these jewels, the spectators embody the artwork as well as its aestheticism, becoming one with the material and offering it a multitude of different lives.

The rings are fragments of the AMN sculptures, adapted in sterling silver 925 and bronze, and handmade by a craftsman (winner of the Skills Olympiads) on a conventional lathe in France. Each piece is unique. In order to push this experience even further, the sculptures have also been fractured into art objects such as candle holders. Manufactured by the same process, they recover their initial function of illuminating, the AMN series being itself inspired by liturgical candlesticks.